Woke up really early today, felt productive.

Took me about half an hour, to loose all of my enthusiasm.

Berlin sky looks pretty miserable today. Grey. Cold. Maybe is not that cold,  the colour sucks anyway.

Ma che cazzo. Italian expression that could be translated with “what the fuck” only that cazzo means cock. What the cock. Janz jenau. Berliner expression that means “exactly”. So the today conversation with myself starts with “what the cock” and ends with “exactly”. Andiamo bene.

I really enjoy writing this. It is funny to know, I can bother the whole world with my thoughts and not only myself. And who knows, maybe, out there ( well, due to the circumstances probably more IN there ), you, exactly you feel a bit like me right now. Who knows, maybe one day we will meet and go for a coffee. Maybe we will fall in love and be happy and then shout at each other and flying objects and who knows. For now, safety first, I limit myself to write this.

I’ve noticed I am really bad with patience and I have bad luck with video recording programs. The one and only I have on my old laptop decided to go anarchist and to obey only to its own sacred rules. Three more I’ve downloaded today. None of them with recording options. But I kept calm, I woke up really early today and felt productive. So I WILL BE productive, at every cost.

Or maybe.

I go back to bed and accept the apocalypse.




Photo taken by Kai Von Kröcher in my apartment AKA the castle. This is me pretending I am in Star Wars. And I love this picture.