All of a sudden it is strange. Not that it wasn’t before, but now got even stranger.

Find myself confronting with every new day. Try to smile, as always, try to get back on my feet. Difficult though.

Always considered myself a free person. I like to move, to be on my own and discover things. Not now. Now I need. Things. To cope. Is so silent everything. Unreal. Too quiet to be true.

Where is the music, one could ask. There. But silent as well. No need to shout at the moment. Dance. Dance and you’ll be free. Later. Everything later. At the right time.

Cause yes. It will be time soon, to dance again and rise again and to laugh and laugh, out of my belly, so loud and strongly to feel little again. And the music, then, will be loud again. And the sun will shine and the joy will flow. Flying up up in the sky as a bird full of freedom and grace. And hit the road, and go back to my country and hug people and kiss people and make love and tell to the people you love, they are important and you’ve missed them. And rise and rise and rise. Without fears and limiting thoughts, just there for the moment to enjoy the things you have and the one to come. Hope. Again. As always. Never give up hope. The last verse of Strange symphony goes like this:





p.s. La foto é di © Kai von Kröcher. Ed é bellissima. A semi-legal concert in the basement of a tea room, in xberg 61, something like 2015.