Tidy up tidy up
I need to tidy up
everything at the right place
no distractions
no singing out of key
nor me
neither others
Tidy up
in deutsch
Platz machen
Raum schaffen
please stop singing out of key
that’s too much
even for me
Tidy up
do exercise
just be happy
and be polite
Even if
confidential singing
out of key
reminds me of me
stop it please
I’m out of key
and want to be alone
with myself
I’d like to
keep distance
to my brain
and my blood
and what I am
what I’ve become.
I’m out of key
stuck in a fight
with my lovely me
No king nor queen to save me
not this time
only people
out of key. Just like me.
Tidy up. Tidy up. Tidy up.


Picture was taken by Jess Smith at The saddest song in the world contest, Kugelbahn, Wedding, 2018 if I remember correctly. And yes, I love broken tights.